June 8, 2016

Escort girl London

I am new in London and I need some private fun with a nice girl. My cousin has a fish and chips shop and he always tells me about his experiences with his escort girl London based. I often asked him how to find a girl who would like to become my girlfriend but he use to tell me that is quite difficult to find a nice girl in London. He keeps telling me that if I go out in pubs perhaps I would find a suitable girl, but honestly I think I would only bring problems to myself because I might get in fight with an angry boyfriend.


I will tell you one experience I had: I once been in a nearby pub to have a couple of beers when I saw this extremely amazing and attractive girl, who looked like she was open to meet someone. She was sitting so bored alone at a table, not doing anything and just playing with the straw inside her glass. The pub was nearly empty, so I took a breath and walked by her, asking if I may have a seat. She smiled and she asked: Do you want to have a seat near an escort girl London based?

I immediately understood that was an invitation to seat next to her and at the same time that she tried to show me that she is one of the south London escorts. I didn’t really mind that she is an escort girl London based, because I had the chance to personally chatting her over a drink and to have a live detailed list of her services and her rates. She looked like an open minded lady and I loved her character, she was a chubby blonde with a generous smile and very beautiful eyes.

While I was caught in our conversation, a guy appeared and he looked so angry and annoyed, I couldn’t understand why and what was the problem, while the escort girl London started telling me that he was her boyfriend  and they supposed to meet later on at that pub for a couple of drinks. I excused myself and felt so confused. Why didn’t she tell me earlier that she was expecting someone, was it true all the story or she just played me around during our conversation? After this experience I am not interested in trying to find girls in pubs, I only book online through a London escort agency.