June 8, 2016

Most Sexy blonde escorts London

The Blonde girls are lovely. I always liked blonde woman. They are so sexy. During a trip to London for I decided to book some blonde escorts from London. I searched in some directories and then I found two sexy blondes. The advertise title was “blonde escorts London”, exactly what I was looking for. I called them and told them where my room was. After 40 minutes they arrived.


I opened the door and the two sexy blondes pass in my room. I was already excited. One was tall (Joanna), with green eyes, big boobs and fantastic ass. The other one was shorter (Georgia), with long curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She was having massive tits. They told me that they bring with them also their tools. “What tools is asked” curious. Then she opened her bag and threw on the bed 10 vibrators, 2 whips plus a strap-on.

They asked me, what kind of program I wanted. I said “rough”. Then immediately she pushed me on the bed and they catch me from both hands on the ends of the bed. She told me, “watch, and don’t speak.” They took out my clothes and then they started a sensual striptease. They took out slowly their clothes and then they started to kiss each other passionate. I was looking at them. Then she took the whip and hit me on the face. “OUCH” I screamed. Then she took out my dick and she forced Georgia to suck me. Georgia she was sucking me without condom and she was taking my dick really deep in her throat.

Joanna laid back and she took one of the vibrators. She was watching the show and she was playing with her clit. She got excited and she took another vibrator and she put it deep in her ass. I was so excited. After watching her masturbating in front of me I finished inside the mouth of Georgia. Georgia spited it out and then Joanna got angry. “Lick every drop of it, you dirty slut” she ordered Joanna.

Joanna licked every drop of my cum and she was waiting another order.  Georgia’s asshole was already gaping. She turned on my with her back and she sit on me. My dick was in her ass. She ordered Joanna to lick her clit. Joanna was licking her clit and then I hear a strong moaning “ I am coming, open your mouth whore” Joanna opened her mouth and Georgia squirted in her mouth. “Drink all of it.” She ordered again Joanna. She made me so much excited so I cum also in her ass. When she realized that my cum was inside her ass, she turn and she squirted the cum in the face of Joanna. Then Georgia she turn and lick all the cm from her face. She split it in her mouth and then we all kissed each other.

That was one of my dirtiest experiences what I ever had with blonde escorts London.