June 8, 2016

Oriental Escorts London

I will tell you the best experience what I had with 2 oriental escorts London. I am visiting often London and this time I had one appetite for oriental girls. I searched google with the keyword “oriental escorts London” and I found a directory with oriental escorts. I call and I booked 1 Japanese and one Chinese girl.

They arrived in hotel room late in the night and we started to drink wine. They took out their clothes and they told me to lay on the bed. I lay on the bed and they took out also my clothes. They light few aromatic candles and they started to tickle my feet. One of them applied a Chinese oil on my back and she started to rub me soft.

The Japanese girl she grab softly my dick and she started to rub him up and down. She started to lick little my dick head and tickle me. The smell of candles in the air was fantastic. The massage was so relaxing and the tongue of the Japanese girl on my dick started to make me even more horny. This scene lasted for about 20 minutes. Then they turn me and the Chinese girl told me to relax and close my eyes . I close my eyes and then I felt something touching my dick.

After 30 seconds I opened my eyes and I saw the Chinese girl licking the pussy of the Japanese while she was rubbing my dick with her feet. After watching them better I saw a small vibrator deep in the ass of the Japanese girl. The view was amazing. Then the Chinese girl told me “this is the pleasure for your eyes, master”. I got even more excited. After rubbing my dick with her feet she turned and she sucked my dick slowly from top to bottom. Then the Japanese girl come near to me and she started to lick my balls. The feeling was fantastic. I finished and they turned me to make me another round of sensual massage. “This is to relax your body master “ the Japanese told me. We have to prepare you for the second round.

After the massage finished they turned me and they put me to sit on the bed. My dick was already hard for second time. The experience was so amazing. And the environment so erotic  and sensual. The two girls sit on the other end of the bed and they started to lick each other pussy in 69 position. The Japanese girl was down and the Chinese on top. “Come master she told me the Japanese girl, fuck her pussy and me I will lick your balls while you fuck her.” So I did. The experience was amazing. While she was licking my balls she was massaging also my asshole with her finger. On the other side I hear the Chinese girl calling me. “Come master, I want to clean your dick From her juices. Please fuck her pussy and after put it in my mouth, so I can clean every drop of her juices. I like to clean dicks.” I went on the other side of the bed and when I just put my dick inside her I finished. Then I took out my dick and I put it in her mouth. I asked her –“ I hope that you don’t mind that is also cum on my dick” . I loved to she replied to me. Since then every time I visit London I book this 2 girls. They are lovely. That was one of my best experiences with oriental escorts London.